Our qualified staff will provide you with professional assistance on which heating and cooling products for your home or business best suit your needs and budget.

We carry out installations and pre-installations of water, heating and air conditioning, both for residential homes and for commercial premises and companies.

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We take care of preventive and corrective maintenance to protect your investment and prolong the life of your equipment.

Our technical assistance service will solve any incident in your equipment as soon as possible so that you can enjoy them at all times.


We offer you personalized advice according to your needs to guarantee the best solution to your air conditioning problems.


We prepare detailed budgets adapted to your particular situation.

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With our advice, you can choose the heating or air conditioning system that best suits your needs.

Aire Acondicionado Split Alicante



The installation of a wall split is the recommended option when we need to air-condition only one room. The location of the equipment as well as the necessary refrigerators are a key point in its optimal operation. Our technicians will be able to advise you on everything related to the installation as well as on the refrigerators necessary for the space to be air conditioned.


The option of a centralized system is ideal when we want to air-condition different rooms in a home or business premises. This system requires the generation of ducts that will bring the air conditioning to all rooms. In new buildings, they generally have the pre-installation of these ducts, reducing the cost of installation.

Aire Acondicionado por conductos Alicante
sur instalaciones alicante aire acondicionado centralizado

At Sur Instalaciones we guarantee the installation of the air conditioning or heating equipment in 7 days from receipt.